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Breast Friends and Family aims to support patients through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. To provide the little things that the NHS are not in a position to, little things that will make a difference to individual patients and how they feel about themselves.

The charity is currently working closely with the Breast Care Nurses in the Oncology Unit at St John’s Hospital in Livingston, to bring those little things to the patients who need them.

These currently include:
– Mastectomy bras for patients facing breast surgery
– Patient Bags including products to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy
– Axillary lymph node medical ID bands to assist patient care throughout treatment
– Cooling towels for patient experiencing menopausal symptoms through treatment
– Water bottles to encourage patients to keep hydrated
– Headscarfs and advice on hair loss through chemotherapy from our experienced volunteers

It is our intention to continue to work with Louise and the team at Natrabrow, to provide eyebrow treatments for those losing their hair through chemotherapy. This treatment is subsidised by Natrabrow however the continuation of the funding of the treatment through Breast Friends and Family will depend on the level of donations made to the charity.

Breast Friends and Family also intend to fund a variety of group relaxation sessions for patients, for the partners of patients, for the children of patients and for families as a whole; to keep the family working together, to focus on the healing process, not just for the body but for the mind and soul. We want to provide families with the tools to continue to live as full a family as possible while they are dealing with the challenges a breast cancer diagnosis brings.

As more funds are raised, and become available, we will then be in a position to consider additional ways to support breast cancer patients and their families. To provide patients with more of the little things that will help them through their treatment and to provide ways families can spend quality time together.


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